Uploading design pack – get "the link you followed has expired"

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Trying to upload a design pack zip file in Manage Packs – on clicking upload, after a few seconds, the screen clears with this message, “the link you followed has expired”.

Also, all the caches etc have been cleared.

When I look, there do appear to be a few react-dom.min.js errors (no idea if that’s relevant).

There’s also this popping up…

Error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined
URL: /wp-content/plugins/microthemer/js-min/deps.js?v= (line 1)
Source: Microthemer interface

Finally – this seems to affect everything in that dialog – including trying to import CSS directly etc


I came here because I was going to enter a new post regarding this exact same problem I’m having. It only happens on one of my sites. I also have an error, also only on one site (the same site) where I can’t save preferences – it says Preferences Save Error: Unknown error. WordPress may have logged you out. Try refreshing the page. I think these two issues may be related.

I’m using and have a paid license.



Sorry for the trouble guys. I’ve just released version which fixes this issue. The update should appear in your WP dashboard shortly.



Yep, that fixed both issues for me. Thanks Sebastian!



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