Version 4.4.5 – No Save Button in the Preference screens [RESOLVED v.4.4.7]

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Hi Sebastian,

Love what you doing as always…

I just updated the plugin to the latest version (Version 4.4.5), and I can’t change any of the preference changes as there is no “Save” button in any of the 3 tabs – General, CSS Units, and Inactive. This is true for when editing your preferences from the backsite. If you access the Preferences from Microthemer, the save button is there, and your changes are actually saved. The easiest fix would be of course to remove the Preference menu item from the backsite…

I wish we could upload screen grabs in the forums, so I could visually show you the issue.



Ah yes, I removed the extra inline preferences button in 4.4.3 a few days ago. I forgot that this was needed on the standalone preferences page. By the way, that exists because occasionally servers don’t support gzipping. And when they don’t, you can’t load the main UI page, including the preferences popup. And so there would be no way to turn gzipping off.

I’ll re-add the preferences button on the standalone page in the next update. Thanks for flagging this!


ps Image uploads – noted.

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