What is draft-styles.css and how to remove it

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I’m using v of Microthemer (love the updates!!) and notice that I’m getting some syling applied by draft-styles.css. I’m assuming those are changes made in the MT editor that have not been published.

I have published MT and also rebuilt the css from the MT tools. But I’m still seeing the draft-styles.css.

Is there a way that I should be clearing this out?

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You don’t need to clear out the draft styles, even after publishing. Only one stylesheet is ever loaded at a time: draft-styles.css or active-styles.css.

The draft-styles.css stylesheet only loads for logged-in administrators – when viewing the site outside of Microthemer. It always contains the latest changes you made in MT (which may or may not have been published to active-styles.css).

The active-styles.css stylesheet is what always loads for any one that isn’t a logged-in administrator e.g. regular site visitors, or members with other WordPress roles. And is updated when you click the green ‘Publish’ button.

So you should leave draft-styles.css alone. It doesn’t add any extra weight, and is useful for checking unpublished styles outside of MT (but logged in as an admin).

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


P.S. I’m really glad you like the new updates 🙂

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