[5.7beta] Error "Cannot read property 'TvrUi' of undefined"


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Hi Sebastian,

I’m using the “Admin Page Spider Pro” plugin which allows me to open my site pages directly in MT (it supports MT) and I have set it up to open them in a new browser tab (target=”_blank”).

Here is the JS errror I get when I open a page in MT when the link has target=”_blank”:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'TvrUi' of undefined
    at Object.set_vars (deps.js?v=
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (microthemer.js?v=
    at i (load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,moxiejs,plupload&ver=5.2.1:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,moxiejs,plupload&ver=5.2.1:2)
    at Function.ready (load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,moxiejs,plupload&ver=5.2.1:2)
    at HTMLDocument.J (load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,moxiejs,plupload&ver=5.2.1:2)

When I disable the setting to open the links in a new tab and open it in the same window (or when I open MT from the main WP menu with Ctrl+click), everything works. I guess the error happens only when MT is opened with a link that has target=”_blank”.


Hey Drago,

Thanks for alerting me to this. I’ve just released an update to the beta which fixes the conflict with the spider admin page plugin:



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