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Hi, I have bought Microthemer to use with Beaver Builder to build custom website as it seems to work like on this thread. But I don’t know the workflow and can’t make it work.

when I have finished in beaver and publish the page, I then go into edit page at the top to get into the wordpress admin of the page where I can see the Microthemer button and press on it to access the page. I am presented with only a bare hello page.

I know it is about another tool, but I think Microthemer would complement Beaver Builder very well for non coders wordpress website designer like me. For now it seems it is all about CSS Hero on Beaver Builder, but I think with a documented workflow (it seems it is easy and working from one of the member on beaver builder responding on the threat) it could bring much more attention to Microthemer from Beaver builder users.


Hi, danyyyel,

Interesting idea – I’ve recently discovered Beaver Builder myself and considered it a good complement alongside Microthemer. Here’s what I came up with as a rough working idea.

Beaver builder opens a page with an added command in the url: ?fl_builder

What I did then was just add a WordPress custom link menu item as one way to access that page:
mysite.dom/post-136/?fl_builder – with label Beaver Builder

I then opened Microthemer as usual, then clicked the menu link to go to the Beaver Builder page. You can see in the screen shot it’s the page open in Microthemer which in turn has opened Beaver Builder with a Beaver Builder section highlighted by Microthemer:

Screen 1

How I got to there in the screen below was double click a section outside the Beaver Builder region, then under “Advanced options” used Microthemer’s Inspector with the arrows to bring me within the Beaver Builder region.

Screen 2

Only that one demo page opens in Beaver Builder though because it needs the additional ?fl_builder added to the url. I don’t know if it’s possible to add an “Open in Beaver Builder?” option in Microthemer that adds that additional string to the url.


First, where I was saying command and string in the url – lol, I meant parameter

Here’s the easy way that suddenly just occurred to me if you’re using Beaver Builder. Just add a new Custom Link menu item to your site with the url:

That’s all, no forward slash or domain.

What that does is link to the current page you are already on but also adds the parameter to the url, so the current page reopens in Beaver Builder while still in Microthemer.

**Note – I’m using permalinks. I don’t know how it will work with default links.


I was just made aware of Mircorthemer today (thanks, Abland! 🙂 ) but I have been using BB for quite a while.

I downloaded and installed the lite version of MT on a fresh WP 4.1.1 install on a local server. Added the lite (free) version of BB to the site.

Took a bit to ‘figure out’ MT, but I think I have the gist, and this combo is easier than one initially perceives.

I believe the key is understanding the workflow of BB first. It is a PAGE layout tool and does not affect the theme in any way. When using BB on a page (or post if you have enabled that option in Settings > Page Builder > Post Types) you either use BB OR the WP editor; not both; one or the other. If you do activate BB on a page with existing WP editor content, BB will transfer that content to a BB text editor module within the BB page editor. You can then continue to customize the page layout with BB.

In just a bit of testing with MT, it would appear that one is trying to ‘customize a customizer’ if one uses MT on the BB page editor. No need 🙂 Just do your thing with the page using the BB page editor, publish from BB (save changes), then head back to the WP dashboard and use MT to do what you want for that page. Works fine in my limited testing.

That said, for the sites I build, I cannot see an immediate advantage to using MT in conjunction with BB. I guess part of that is because I use it in combination with Dynamik Website Builder, and use this combo exclusively … so far 🙂

If you have any other BB questions, fire away and I’ll be glad to give a shot at trying to assist 🙂



Hi, Lyle,

Good to hear from you. Yes, I get what you’re saying about the workflow of Beaver Builder – my first post wasn’t fully clear on that so I was indeed customizing a customizer.

The second post follow up came after a face-palm moment when I realized just add a custom link in wordpress to the menu with ?fl_builder as the url. Then open the site in Microthemer and start the design work.

Any page that requires layout work just click the custom menu link while on that page and the page refreshes into Beaver Builder while still in the Microthemer interface. Do the page layouts, save and exit Beaver Builder as usual and you’re still in Microthemer to continue design work.

The OP was wondering about workflow and going back and forth and this way I open Microthemer and work entirely in there with both programs without having to close one and reopen the other.

Good seeing you in the forum 🙂


Thanks for your input guys. I wasn’t aware of Beaver Builder myself until seeing this thread. Making Microthemer work well with Page Builders is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. We’ll be emailing out a survey to our newsletter subscribers soon to get a feel for where people stand on this.

I envisioned things working as Abland described, whereby the full functionality of the page builder can be used inside the Microthemer frontend preview. Building the content and styling it (beyond the options provided by the builder) can be done in one place.

danyyyel – have Abland and Lyle’s comments answered your question? Or do you still need assistance.



Hi, first thing first, big thank you to Abland. If I understood you well I created a simple page with link of the page + ?fl_builder like below

Then I came back to my wordpress admin page and launched Microthemer and from the menu page I created before I clicked on the link to get into the Beaver Builder page within the Microthemer plugin interface and can use microthemer to further customise like font. It is working for me.

From now on when I press on microthemer it tends to open the last page I was working on in MT and you have the Beaver Builder interface within MT. You can edit your page with Beaver Builder within MT and publish it. But I don’t if it is good practice. I had some instance where there are sometime problems like I can’t change the font etc, I must test a bit more to see why it is happening .


Hi Sebastian, I think it would be really good, you can get from a blank page to a fully stylise wordpress site without coding with those two tools. Beaver builder is getting traction and MT could complement it very well.


Good to know you managed to get things generally working. I’d be happy to investigate any specific issues you come across like changing the font under some circumstances. My guess at this stage is that CSS specificity or dynamic HTML classes/IDs may be at play. Hopefully problems that can be overcome with the right approach…



Microthemer and Beaver Builder now work together in a single interface! Read more:

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