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Hi Sebastian

First of all – thank you very much for this great feature – it’s really great to not have to switch between tabs all the time in order to work on the styling. Great work!

There is a slight problem now though – in this mode the links are followed and this leads to the dreaded “Sorry, the content area was not found in your page” Elementor message (https://docs.elementor.com/article/56-content-area-not-found?utm_source=editor-panel&utm_medium=wp-dash&utm_campaign=learn). Usually when editing within Elementor it is not possible to follow links but it is possible within Microthemer (which is the better option).

Could you have a look? And if the fix allows following the links as it is with MT then this will be golden! 🙂

Thanks and best regards,


Hey Drago,

Thanks for alerting me to this. I’ve released an update ( which fixes the issue. It maintains the default behaviour of Elementor not following links when actively building content. I feel that most of the time that is the best behaviour for the user. And link following, if it were to be supported, would be something that can be intentionally triggered by e.g. holding Ctrl/Shift and clicking. What would happen then though? Would the new page automatically fire up Elementor again?

If this feature were to be added, I wonder if it might be best coming from Elementor…



Thanks you so much for the fast fix!

Re the link following, to be honest I also put some thoughts (alas after I posted the above) and think that it is best to have the Elementor’s behavior – otherwise it could become a can of worms if not properly thought over.
And if currently I want to change the page I would exit Elementor mode, follow the link from within MT and then enter Elementor again.


Ah good, we’re in agreement then!

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