Cannot select form fields on Woocommerce checkout page

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Do you have any tips on how to style the checkout page for this WC site?

The target tool does not allow me to create a new selector. When I click the green + symbol it does do anything. I am using the latest Firefox browser. Thanks!



If you don’t mind providing access to the site via our secure contact form I would be happy to investigate this properly. It sounds like another plugin or theme script might be interfering with Microthemer. Does it only happen on the cart page? And if so, does it happen for all elements on the cart page?



Thanks for providing access. Strangely, I didn’t have any issues creating selectors using the green + symbol in Firefox. But I did see several HTTPS error when inspecting the MT interface using Chrome’s dev tools ( I also saw errors in Firefox, but they were less informative). And these errors may be preventing Microthemer from working properly.

Your site loads a Google font using http (rather than https):,400,700

Do you know which plugin? It was clear to me from the errors. You could try disabling plugins one by one until you can select things in MT again.

You could also try working with Chrome. I didn’t have any problems selecting things on the cart page in Chrome either.


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