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Is there a way to quickly and easily change the folder of a selector that you’ve saved?

It is very difficult to save something to the right folder, and after trying 4 or 5 times, it still ends up saving something to the wrong folder. And then, once it’s in the wrong place, it’s almost impossible to remove.

I love this application, it’s incredible! But we really need to be able to save and store things in folders quickly, without all the bugginess. It slows down the work processes massively.

How can I change the folder something is in, without deleting the selector and starting again?

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Hey Peter,

You can indeed change the selector folder using drag and drop. The Folders video explains this, here’s a link to the exact part of the video:

In future, I plan to make it possible to multi-select items and then drag a bunch of selectors around in one go.

However, I’d like to fix what ever issue you had with saving selectors in the wrong folder initially. Could you go into a bit more detail about what actions you’re taking so I can try to replicate the issue at my end?



P.S. There is a max number of selectors you can have in one folder: 40

So once you reach that limit MT will created another “Folder name _2” for additional selectors. MT should notify you it’s done that at the top right.

Just thought it worth mentioning in case that was a source of confusion.

I’m very keen to fix any issues there might be with setting the folder initially. Even if it’s more a confusing UI than a specific bug.


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