How to keep your styles organised in folders

00:00 Start of video
00:12 Selectors are added to the General folder by default
00:15 Set the folder for a selector when creating it
00:21 Drag selectors between different folders
00:28 Folder display over styles or in their own column
00:47 Sort the order of folders to set the order of styles
1:38 Expand / collapse all, and search folders
2:17 Add a new folder
2:25 Rename, disable, clear, delete, or copy a folder
3:50 Add a custom selector to a folder
5:03 Edit selector options (rename, disable, clear, delete, copy)
5:22 Create a selector variation (e.g. hover)
6:16 Spotlight icon shows what elements a selector targets
6:31 Quick edit multiple folders or selectors
6:46 Folder / selector options in top toolbar
6:53 Navigate between selectors using the arrows
7:00 View the current folder
7:08 Quick edit the selector label
7:18 Toggle selector highlighting on or off
7:32 Re-target a selector