Reuse styles with custom body classes

Update: you can now load folders on certain pages using conditions. Some users may prefer that to using the body class method explained below.

You can define a subset of posts or pages that should have the same styling by adding custom classes to posts or pages, and then instructing Microthemer to prefix the selectors it generates with those classes. This essentially means that you can tie a set of styles to a class, and then add that class to another page to apply the styling.

Microthemer will also pick up body classes your theme adds, like post categories, types, or user access status.

0:18 Microthemer styles are global by default
0:30 But can be limited to a single page using the page-id modifier
0:37 There is now a new option for choosing a custom class prefix
0:44 Microthemer lists all existing body classes
1:00 To add your own classes, enable support via Microthemer's preferences
1:49 We also need to enable custom field panels in the WordPress admin
2:19 The custom field name must be my_body_classes
2:44 Examples
2:44 Two dark blue pages
4:18 Two dark green pages
5:53 Assigning styles, like light text, to a class saves us repetition
7:34 We can still override custom class styling on a per page basis