Use Microthemer with Bricks Builder

This video explains how and why you might want to use Microthemer with Bricks Builder. Microthemer can help you target multiple elements more visually, apply more granular styling, and create CSS grid layouts with drag and drop. A special integration now ensures that grid layouts display properly in the bricks editor, as well as the frontend. More Bricks-focused updates will follow if Microthemer proves popular among the Bricks community.

00:00 Start of video
00:24 The recommended workflow involves two browser tabs
00:51 Target multiple elements more visually with Microthemer
2:47 Apply granular styling to inner module elements
4:44 Caveat - Bricks HTML attributes differ between the front and backend
6:38 MT selectors for Bricks container elements compensate for HTML differences
8:41 How to apply a CSS grid layout to a Bricks container
11:22 The container element selector fix can be easily retired in future
12:12 Global vs page-specific styling with Microthemer
13:15 Bricks custom classes + MT grid support = reusable grid layouts
14:14 Deeper integration may come in future if the demand is there