How to overcome common problems beginners face

00:00 Start of video
00:12 Styles not showing outside of Microthemer
00:39 Click the publish button to publish your draft changes
1:18 Clear any caching plugin or server caching system
1:57 Check if MT has tapped into classes that only show for logged in users
3:48 Check for invalid CSS that can prevent styles from applying
5:15 Check if MT has tapped into dynamic IDs that change on each page load
6:23 Styles don't work as expected
6:36 Adjust the global !important setting in the Preferences
7:18 Selecting an outer element when you need to select an inner element
8:40 Selecting and inner element when you need to select an outer element
9:51 Styles need to be applied to more or less places
9:51 How to apply the same styling to more than one element
10:55 How to ensure styling applies to elements that appear on multiple pages
12:38 How to ensure styling only applies to one page, and doesn't affect others
13:54 Microthemer error messages