Automatic page speed

Microthemer implements Google’s best practice recommendation to defer non-critical CSS, with zero configuration. It creates two separate folders for your page’s styles: one for the critical “above the fold” styles, which are loaded with an inline style tag, and one for “below the fold” styles, which are loaded asynchronously. This helps to improve the loading speed of your page, without having to manually sort selectors into folders or enter custom logical conditions.

00:00 Microthemer organises code for page speed and maintainability
00:35 Enable / disable "Auto folder" in the footer
1:25 Page-specific folders have an outline, global folders are solid
1:44 Example - CSS selectors match HTML order
2:52 Microthemer inlines critical CSS, and defers non-critical CSS
3:55 Non-critical (below fold) CSS loads asynchronously
4:23 Microthemer applies conditional logic to folders
5:05 Critical CSS loads using an inline style tag to avoid http latency
5:26 Non-critical CSS in an asynchronous stylesheet is "non-blocking"
6:37 Draft CSS is beautified, published CSS is minified
7:07 Customise folder page loading conditions
9:28 Microthemer adds zero database queries to your site frontend
9:38 Uninstall Microthemer, but keep the changes
10:57 Switch between global and page specific styles