A walk-through of Microthemer’s preferences

00:00 Go to Settings > General > Preferences
00:15 CSS and Sass
00:21 Always add !important to CSS styles
1:25 Enable Sass (at cost of syncing editor with UI fields)
2:05 Minify the CSS file Microthemer generates
2:15 Report color in hex values instead of RGB/A
2:40 Use absolute background image URL paths
3:40 Enable global CSS on WordPress login pages
3:55 WordPress Toolbar
3:55 Add a Microthemer shortcut to the WP admin bar
4:17 If yes to above, include as a top level link
4:33 On site preview, display WP admin bar
4:57 Fonts
4:57 Google Font subset URL parameter
5:17 Stylesheet
5:17 Load the Stylesheet in the footer
5:51 Stylesheet loading order
6:36 Prefix for page-specific body element classes
7:24 Microthemer interface
7:24 Frontend preview URL Microthemer should load
8:15 Number of recent revisions to store
8:50 Enable tape measure style sliders
9:22 Gzip the Microthemer UI page for faster loading
10:01 JavaScript
10:01 Monitor general JavaScript errors on your site
10:59 Load the JS you add with Microthemer in the footer
11:21 List WP script handles your JS depends on
11:40 Legacy
11:40 Add "first" and "last" classes to menu items
11:58 Tools
11:58 Regenerate all CSS (can fix certain issues)
12:13 Units
12:55 Inactive
13:56 Compatibility