Does Themeover support Templateer? [RESOLVED]

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Hello Sebastian,

First congrats on the release of ver. 3.0, took a look around and i see a lot of major improvements 🙂

Question, I know that Themeover works with Artisteer, does it work with the Templateer plugin that works with Artisteer?

The reason i asked, is because during the beta (pre-release) launch (back in Dec. 2014) i had some problems with the “new” css selectors and menus showing up on my WP site, and i remember i sent you login details and you got it working, but wondering now that the new version has been released, has those problems been fixed?

Thanks again Sebastian,



Hi Yazo,

I can see from your previous posts that this issue related to the version of jQuery you were using. Your theme de-registered the default version of jQuery and loaded an old version (1.8) instead. I was able to fix the issue for you by disabling the function in your theme responsible for replacing jQuery with an old version. It wasn’t actually a fix that was needed at the plugin end. Although your post did prompt me to add a notification if Microthemer detects an old version of jQuery.

So in short, yes you should be able to update to the latest version without encountering the same issue you flagged before.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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