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This site has a sticky menu. I was able to find the selectors in firebug to edit the height of the sticky menu and the vertical position of the logo in the sticky menu, but I can’t seem to find the selector to edit the vertical position (or bottom padding) of the search icon and CTA button in the right of the sticky menu.

I was able to easily do it in the normal menu, but I’m having problems with that edit in the sticky menu.

Can you please assist.



Hi Rob,

Both the search icon and the CTA button have values for top (as in Position) that should be reduced (from 25px and 13px respectively). Both elements are link (a) elements. I see that you have targeted the CTA button’s inner span element, but you need to target the link element that contains the span element. In Microthemer, you have move up to the parent element after double-clicking the button by switching to the Inspector tab on the selector wizard and clicking the up arrow on the directional controls once.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you require further assistance.




Moving up one step from where I am now take me to

div#Top_bar div.one

And from the highlighter function, that is the entire header area.

Will that help me move the search icon and CTA button up, but only in the sticky menu? I was able to move them up in the regular menu, but not the sticky menu.

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