Edits made in active-styles.css don't stick

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Hi There.

I’m making changes to the styling in active-styles.css, which when saved apply to the site fine. However, when I later go into Mircothemer and change some styling in there, the changes I made directly in active-styles.css revert back to what they were before I made the direct edits.

How can I stop this happening, please?




Hi Mark,

active-styles.css shouldn’t be edited directly because Microthemer overwrites it every time you make a style change in Microthemer. You must change the styles via Microthemer – using the GUI fields or the full code editor (View > Code editor) if you want to add raw CSS code.

I’m currently working on a feature where you will be able to edit the CSS for a single selector via the GUI or the editor to the left of the Font property group interchangeably. So you can switch between either editing method. Hopefully this will help if you prefer to edit the generated CSS directly.

I aim to release this update as a beta at the end of next week, or the week after. I can post back here when it’s ready if that would be of interest to you?


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