How can I use microthemer to edit my Single Product Template

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How can I use microthemer to edit my Single Product Template made with Elementor? Is there a video tutorial? Is it possible to affect all my product if I make the changes in the single product template made with elementor’s theme builder? I know how to use microthemer to style individual products but I would like to know if I can do it on a template level.


Hey Gonzalo,

This should be possible by tapping into whatever class Elementor adds for the single product template. You would need to find fairly broad selectors in Microthemer (set the specificity toggle to low in the CSS suggestions pane on the right when expanding the “Inspect” tools in the footer). Then you would prefix the suggested selectors with your template class. See this video on customising the default selector suggestions.

For example, if the templates class was “single-product-template” and you wanted to style a h1 element the final selector would look like this:

.single-product-template h1

For a button you would create a selector that looked like this:

.single-product-template .elementor-button

There isn’t currently a video tutorial for this, but I’m happy to add that to my list if the above info doesn’t give you everything you need. Also, if you could send me a link to a page that uses an Elementor Single Product Template, I can provide more specific advice.


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