How do I edit the same selector?

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1. Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do I edit an selector that I have edited before?

As an example let’s say that I have edited:

header#main-header img#logo

If I want to further edit it or change it back to default, do I need to selected it again and put a new selector name etc…?
If that’s the case, isn’t this cluttered having the same css etc?

2. And one more last question, how do I manually delete something I have edited? I know we can rollback, but there I cant see what is what.



Hi, aalpha,

In the top toolbar – you’d want the Selector Navigation Section

Click the folder icon and you’ll get a drop down of your current selectors to choose. When chosen, you can toggle the highlighter to make sure it’s active, but you should also see it in text to the right of the folder icon.

You can also unckeck edits using the Styles Properties Toolbar on the active selector.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks Abland!

Aalpha – please let me know if you need assistance with anything else.



Hi! Still a freshman on microthemer, and trying to achieve the same I think: To edit a style already set with microthemer. I go to Selector Navigation Section, click the folder icon, click the header selecter (of witch I want to change), but I would like to come to the actual css to make a quick change, like to remove !important witch unintendedly appeared


Hi there! !important value can be set in global preferences. If you go to left hand side menu bar, and select ‘Set you global Microthemer’s preferences’ (second down) you can turn off ‘always ad !important to CSS styles’. Once set to ‘no’ a small faint ‘i’ icon will appear next to each individual CSS style, this way you can add !important value per individual style.

Please let me know if that answers your question and if you need help with anything else.


Hi Monika and thanks for your reply

I`m sorry, but I think my explanation was not very good. I need to remove the !important state that some how got added when I edited the selector. Is there a way from the microthemer dashboard to directly access the micothemer css-styles themeselves so I can edit what I want without redoing the whole action? I guess I can do so via ftp and downlaod the stylesheet microthemer creates, but it sure would be easier doing it right from the dashboard!


Hi there,

Perhaps I misunderstand what you’re trying to do, but I think Monika’s advice is relevant. By default, Microthemer always adds !important to all CSS styles. But more experienced users (like yourself if you know about FTP etc) often don’t need this in order to reliably override CSS styles. And so there is an option to disable this auto-adding of !important via the Microthemer preferences window (get to this from the left toolbar).

The only way to remove the !important declaration is to turn off the global setting as described above. You can’t directly edit the CSS Microthemer generates via the style options fields. But you should always be able to undo anything you enter via the style option fields by returning to the same fields (the special case of !important aside).

You can enter custom CSS via the designated custom code editor however. Click the code editor icon in the top right of the interface to switch between the regular styling options and the code editor. Tip: click Control+S to conveniently save any changes you make here.

Am I understanding your problem correctly?



Thanks, Sebastian, I se now what Monika ment, and thats a doable solution 🙂
I don´t consider me a experiences user, since Im still learning css, but having set up around 50+ wordpress sites, Im starting to get the hang of WordPress at least 😉
But thinking about it, wound´t having access to the microthemer stylesheet from the dashoard be a good thing?
I have just started using microther on a couple of installs and don´t claim to master it, far from it – but new eyes tend to see new approaches


I’m glad you’re OK on the !important issue.

And thanks for sharing your thoughts. The trouble with allowing direct editing of the stylesheet is that any custom changes you make to /wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css would be wiped out the next time you save your settings in Microthemer.


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