How to have MT styles applied while in Customizer

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I’m using Beaver Theme alongside MT. I have a font-size set in MT for <body>. So in the theme I can have the General > Text font size set to 10px (or whatever) which sets the theme <body> to 10px. But then in MTI set <body> to be 1rem, which overrides the theme setting for <body> text. Works great, except…

When in customizer it seems that the theme style sheet is loaded again after MT style sheet is loaded. Thus, in customizer the theme setting shows for the content rather than the override setting per MT style sheet. This of course makes the customizer view totally wrong.

I have MT set to load as late as possible, but that doesn’t help. Is there some way that I can force MT styles to load in Customizer last so that those styles are applied?

If this isn’t clear I can create a screencast.


Hey Norm,

It’s OK I understand the issue from your description. I will play around with the Beaver Theme and the customizer to try to recreate your situation.

It’s possible that the customizer dynamically moves stylesheets right to the end of the head tag while it’s active, in which case the only solution would be to ensure your body selector has higher CSS specificity than in the theme stylesheet.

Also, it might help to see how this is working on your site’s customizer, in case it’s hard to create (if that’s possible). You can send temp access details via the secure contact form.


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