I can put a logo in the header with microthemer?


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Hi Luffer,

Yes you should be able to set a logo by applying a background image to something in the header of your website. Microthemer let’s you style peripheral things like headers, footers and sidebars (unlike many page builders).

If you send me a link to your website I can advise you on how to do this.



I have a header box on which the colour has been customized with Microthemer. Is there anyway I could create a section within that box, align it to the right and insert a company logo into it?

Many thanks

PS. Sebastian – I’m no longer hosting website from within Wealthy Affiliate – All my problems with Microthemer and some other plugins have astoundingly gone away. 🙂


Hi Paul,

I’ll answer this question on the dedicated thread you created here: https://themeover.com/forum/topic/how-do-i-create-a-new-box/#post-3118

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