[Improvement request] Enhance the visibility of values that have "important" set

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I was thinking today that the “i” to the right of the values is too small to notice sometimes.

What about adding some visual enhancement to the value boxes so that it is more obvious that the “important” was set? For example, a red border on the box or a red (semitransparent) background on the box or… anything else – I am sure that you will come up with something smarter 🙂


Thanks for the suggestion. I know what you mean. The !important UI is already flagged for review, and I will add your note to the task so I remember to make it suitably obvious.



Dear Sebastian,

Has this feature passed the review? Is there any news?

I am about to suggest another improvement in this direction, so I just wanted to check how is this going 🙂


Hey, I haven’t got around to this yet, but it’s still on the todo list! I’ll look out for your other request.

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