[Improvement] Quick editing of numerical values

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Hi Sebastian,

Long time no see 🙂 I hope you are doing well!

Here is another idea (I’m sure you have it somewhere in your sleeve but just to be sure) – the ability to edit numerical values with (both):
a) the mouse scroll
b) the keyboard arrows

This you have most probably seen in Elementor and in all major page builders.

I definitely understand that this is not an easy undertaking – e.g. different types of fields, different units, saves on value-change, etc. – but IMHO this is one usability feature that is expected to be available in any contemporary development tool and would definitely make MT even more professional.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks and best regards!



I’m an doing well thanks. Great to hear from you. With another excellent suggestion yet again. I’ve actually been thinking about this very thing quite recently. I hadn’t actually noticed Elementor’s implementation with the mousewheel and keyboard shortcuts. But that sounds just the ticket – a nice way to deliver the functionality without cluttering the UI.

I will implement this after/at the same time as implementing instant style rendering in the browser with JS. As immediate feedback will suit this functionality better.


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