Microthemer CCS lost after reverting WP Multisite to WP Single Site

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I used to have the main site plus several subsites in my WP Multisite Network, but now I have only the main site. I have Microthemer activated in the site, not network activated.

Since in the short term I do not plan to have again subsites in the WP Multisite Network, I finally decided today to revert it to a WP Single Site following the guidelines of this article:


Unfortunately, after completing the reversion, all Microthemer CCS has been lost, therefore I decided to restore the backup I made previously to the reversion.

Am I missing some step specifically concerning Microthemer to perform the reversion?

Can you help?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards.



If you made a backup from when MT was working fine with the styles still applying, we should be able to recover your CSS.

After restoring your backup, you may need to visit the Microthemer interface again and save the settings once by changing any property, or using the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut. That will write the styles to the stylesheet again. This will only work if the styles are displaying properly in the interface however.

When you reverted back to multi-site, did you fully restore both the files and database back to how they were. Or just one or the other? I imagine doing both may be necessary.



Hi Sebastian,

Thank you very much for your response.

After restoring the full backup (both the files and database back to how they were) everything is ok (Microthemer CSS is there fully working), but I have a WP Multisite again, while what I want is to have a WP Single Site.

Sorry, I notice now that my question was not probably clear enough: what should I do about Microthemer to revert the existing WP Multisite with only the main site to a WP Single Site without losing the Microthemer CSS of the site?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you very much once again for your help.

Best regards.


Ah I see, I’m glad you were able to recover your CSS. You should be able to get things set up on the new non-multisite by exporting your MT settings:

Packs > Export > Download zip file > Install zip file on new site > Import settings.

See here for more detailed instructions: https://themeover.com/installing-importing-design-packs/

I recommend keeping a copy of your working multisite until everything is sorted on the new site.

I hope that helps!


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