Multisite settings/unlock [is global unlock possible?]

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Is it possible to unlock/activate MT for an entire WP multisite network or are there any plans to add this in a future update? The current situation requires each subsite to activate the plugin separately.

Thanks you


Hi, diedetap,

Plugin registration info is usually stored in the options meta of each site so activating across the network isn’t possible as each subsite is, in effect, an entire site to itself. The unlock email needs to be added into the database and just one options field alone contains a huge array of information so using the provided form field to unlock is the easiest. I’ve searched to see if it’s possible on any plugin but haven’t found any case.

On my multisites I set one site as my prototype and unlock the plugin on that. Each subsite I clone from that has an already unlocked plugin, so that makes it easier going forward but doesn’t help on existing sites.

If it’s possible to unlock across a multisite I’m sure Sebastian would be looking into it as an option.


Thanks for your input as always Abland. Abland actually knows much more about using Microthemer with multisite than I do. But we will be doing a big push to make MT and multisite more convenient in the near future. Many people have requested this.

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