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Hi this is the first site i am using this on it is made with Beaver Builder.

I am trying to add some shadow to some text.

I added it to select items but i see now it has added this to all the text on the site.

I only want it on the top page title, tagline the menu items and the center of header area text over the slide show.

Also i have set the menu text three times now one item at a time and then when the go out it is all gone on all the menu items it is not sticking same thing a small shadow.



I can get this to work right at all so i am removing all the changes to the site it just apply s this to everything messing it all up.

How can i use this with BB in a simple way to get things done.


Hi, donna200,

You can add this to the custom styles:

.main-title a,
.main-navigation ul > a,
.home h3 span.fl-heading-text {
   text-shadow: 2px 2px 8px #ccc;

Or use the selectors I’ve indicated to target what you need. Of course, change the shadow to what you need 😉

There were no id’s to target in those elements, just classes, so nesting the elements in the rule helps target the specific one.

That’s a pleasant looking site btw 🙂


Ok Thank you .. I added it to the css area but that did not work. I am using BB and the theme and i have their css plugin installed i put that in but it had no effect so i put it in the home page css in BB and that worked i guess i need to add this to each page one at a time.

Been working on this site for way to long – just was setting up the fill in fourm at the bottom of the home page using Caldera Forms.


@Abland – as always, thank you for stepping in to help.

– I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having. I’ve just had a look at your site. And I think I can see an issue that has probably added to your frustration. Your theme uses dynamic ids in it’s HTML which change on every page load. So if Microthemer picks up on these when trying to target the content on your site, the selector will only work once, and then the changes won’t stick, as you’ve noticed.

The best solution I can offer you at this stage is to avoid any id selectors Microthemer suggests when you launch the selector wizard. Here is an example of a dynamic id:


The numbers change on each page load, but they always start with #yui_ and then a long series of numbers. These dynamic selectors might be the default option sometimes when you launch the selector wizard. So you would need to select a different option from the list by clicking it.

With regards to your text-shadow issue, adding your styles on a per page basis might be a bit tedious, depending on how many pages you have. If you can send me login details for your site via this secure contact form I would be happy to get the styles working persistently in Microthemer and then explain what I did so that you have a concrete example to look at. It should be possible to target all pages in one go.



This is the first time i used that theme on a site so the theme is changing ids dose the BB theme do that to?

If i send you the log in info after the shadow text is done will Mircrotheme work for other things using BB with out applying one change of something the full page.? Then what about other sites?

I would like to use this on a lot of sites if possible. I am working on 25 sites right now. I really need it to work with BB right and easy for all this work. How long till you get the BB features put in i do not want to have to deal with problems on site after site on everything i try to change?? Otherwise i would be better off just not using it right now.


I got a reply back from the theme designer and they say.. No dynamic IDs here – they’re the same on all pages


About the dynamic ids – you’re right. Sorry. I must have been looking at different parts of the source code which I presumed to be the same when I got different ids. That’s good news. And no, BB doesn’t use dynamic ids.

I didn’t fully follow your question when you said “If i send you the log in info after the shadow text is done will Mircrothemer work for other things using BB with out applying one change of something the full page.? Then what about other sites?” Could you clarify please?

I can’t say exactly when the BB integration improvements will come. Indeed, you may find it best not to use MT before this happens. And of course my refund offer still stands.



Yes i will just take a refund back and look back when ever you get it working with BB all the way.


No problem at all. Please could you send me your PayPal transaction id or email via this contact form? I wasn’t able to locate your order when searching by your membership email.

If you haven’t already signed up to our newsletter, please do so to get notified when the new BB integration is added.


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