Website page won't render in Microthemer iframe

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Hi there
I’m new to Microthemer and trying to use for the first time
When I open Microthemer, I can see my website briefly load and then it flashes and changes to a light grey screen. I’ve tried on numerous browsers with the same result.
This forum has suggested it is a SSL issue. I have made sure my General settings are pointed to https and can confirm my front and backend are using https.
Is there anything else I can try?
Thanks 🙂


Hey Mich,

Do you happen to be using WP Touch or the WP-Property plugin? Your question reminded me of a previous issue:

Either way, I’m happy to troubleshoot this if you don’t mind sending me access details to the affected site via our secure contact form?



Hi Sebastian, No I don’t have those plugins installed. I’ll shoot through a message on your form. Thanks for your help 🙂

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