Shortcodes and Text – Need to get them in Line

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I am using WordPress with Beaver Builder and am trying to get a shortcode and and some text in line with CSS. At present they are on separate lines. Is this possible with Microthemer please ?

Many thanks



Hey Stephen,

We’re heading off to Glastonbury festival in less than 1 hour, so I won’t be available to answer any follow up questions until Tuesday next week. But for now I can say yes you should be able to align your content with Microthemer.

Normally I would as to see your site and then give more precise instructions. But as I’m limited on time and availability I’ll just give you this hint. Look for the float property in the position property group. If you float adjacent items to the left they should stack horizontally.

I hope that helps, I will be around to answer further questions next week.


Many thanks Seb for the reply. I have solved it thanks.

Have a great time at #Glasto and I hope you take your wellies and keep dry !

Best regards,


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