Trial version awesome – paid not functioning HELP!! [selectors not saving]


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Hi tried the trial version and was so impressed that I immediately upgraded to the developer version. Since then nothing seems to save correctly or selectors don’t get written or . . . changes Look great then everything is lost when returning to wp dashboard site view. On return to Microthemer New selecters are still in the correct folders etc. but changes to style are not made. Help please! as an avid wordpress freelancer I love the concept and can appreciate how much time it could save in coding css.

Have tried reinstalling but cant do a clean install as not all of the data from the old install is deleted. Would like to reinstall the lite version, see the lock icon back, then upgrade again with my email.


Update – Seems that the selectors as chosen that work in microthemer “CSS Selector Code” do not work on the live site. If I add custom css selectors to the elements and then edit the CSS Selector Code in microthemer to reflect this it is ok. Guess what I don’t understand is why the selectors as chosen via microthemer and seen to be effective in the wysiwyg pane do not work when live. So it is functioning as a css editor but only when using my custom selectors ( much slower). If chosen original selectors work fine in microthemer why not when live?

Have found the option to delete all of the files / data for a clean reinstall in the settings panel.


Hey Tony,

It sounds like a caching issue is probably at play, and possibly something else. Just to be clear, are you also saying that when you write some custom CSS code via MTs raw code editor they work. But not via the UI form fields? At least in regards to viewing the site outside Microthemer’s preview – both work when editing within MT.

  1. Seeing different things when viewing the site outside of Microthemer points to a caching plugin or server level caching (inside MT a timestamp is applied to the stylesheet URL to force the browser to load a fresh version, this doesn’t happen outside of MT) .
  2. The difference between styles applied via the raw editor and the UI form fields is puzzling. If my explanation of caching ( doesn’t help you solve your problem, I’d be happy to take a look at your site. You can send login details via this secure contact form:


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