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Chris Bennett

EG: I’ve got a selector called ‘xxx’ and I want to target/use it (+ its attributes) for another element on another page on the website – how do yo do that? Thanks


Hey Chris,

To change the targeting of an existing selector, click the “Re-target selector” icon in the top toolbar (when you are on the selector you want to change). It looks like a cursor icon in a box.

After clicking the icon, hold the shift Key and then click on the other element on the other page. Then click the “Update” button on the top toolbar.

Using this method, Microthemer will change a selector from this:


To this:

.my-original-selector, .an-additional-selector

And so the styles you set on the selector will apply to both elements.

Does that make sense and work for your purposes?


P.S. the video on selecting elements might be helpful:

Chris Bennett

Thank you that helped loads!!!!

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