Woocommerce drop down cart widget disappears when mouse moved – cannot target it

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Hi, I’m trying to change the border and cart icon colour of a woo drop down cart widget. I’m using the targeting suggestions, but as soon as I take my cursor of the widget, they disappear and so I can’t actually create a selector. Thanks



A link to the page with the dropdown cart would help me answer this in more detail. But for now, can I just check if clicking the dropdown widget before it disappears solves the dissappearing suggestions issue?

If the problem is that you can’t click the widget to target it for some reason, the solution is to use the HTML pane, which is visible when the advanced targeting options are expanded. The trick is to click near the element you can’t select by clicking with your mouse, and then click on the line of HTML for the dropdown cart widget.

If you’re not familiar with HTML code, I can explain what to do one you’ve sent me a link to your site.


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