Feature Request: Save Frequently Used Colors

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I love Microthemer and it allows me to work fast and efficiently while focusing on creative styling.

However, the one thing I really wish was a feature is the ability to save a color library. Each site I do usually uses 3 to 8 of the same color pallet that is used throughout the site.

The problem now is that I’ve gotta either jump into photoshop or inspect an item on the site to go find the correct color. This is a pain and slows down the work process.

It would be a huge time saver if there was some way to simply click a + or button to save a color for quick access or selection every time I open the color picker.

The Beaver Builder page builder plugin does this very nicely. In the color picker, there is always the option to save the color you select or punch in by clicking on the + plus icon. Then at the bottom of the color picker is a Color Presets button that slides in to show all saved colors, allowing for fast and easy access. Download their plugin and check it out.

Would highly recommend researching this and adding it to a future release of Microthemer.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.



Thanks for your suggestion. This will be included in the next major release, due Jan/Feb (most likely Feb). The system we had in mind was that MT automatically created a color palette of the last 10 colours used, as you use them. This will also tie in with suggested values for other properties e.g. padding, font-family, wher MT will suggest values based on previously entered values. Does that acceptable? Or would you still like to ability to explicitly save a color?



As of Microthemer 5 the color palette has seen major improvement. Read more here:

Improved color palette

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