Selecting elements

How to use Microthemer’s options for selecting one or more elements you want to style

00:00 Start of video
00:10 Select single elements by default
00:30 Select multiple elements using an alternative suggestion
00:42 We can turn off targeting mode
1:00 Hold Ctrl or Cmd key to follow links instead of selecting them
1:18 Selectors can be chosen or customised in 3 places
1:23 Top toolbar menu shows all selector and is good for searching
2:37 Righthand side of the CSS and HTML inspection pane
3:24 Element selection menu with nested element breadcrumbs
5:54 Hold shift key to select a custom arrangement of elements
7:03 Tell MT to favour ids or classes using the specificity switch
8:11 What is a HTML id or class?
9:22 MT scans ids and classes to come up with selectors
9:33 Selectors are organised by how many elements they target
10:13 Hover selector and page-id selector modifier shortcuts
11:45 Press the Alt key to select elements without clicking them
12:20 Give selectors a custom label
13:05 Setting a folder for your selectors (General by default)
13:25 Option to sync the selector label and code
14:21 Navigate between selectors using arrows
14:52 Change the targeting for a selector