Enter CSS properties by hand instead/as well as using the GUI options. This is useful if Microthemer doesn't support a particular CSS property, or if you just prefer writing CSS styles by hand.

This hybrid method of using the GUI with a code editor may be preferable over using just the custom code editor for many. Using this hybrid method, you can leverage the time saving selector wizard, as well as the repetition saving responsive tabs in the GUI view. You only need to update the CSS selector code in one place - the quick edit option in the top toolbar. The CSS selector will automatically update for all media queries.

Value Description
property:value;Enter one or more css properties and values e.g. transform: rotate(7deg);
.my-selector { @include my-mixin(); }You can enter Sass code here too e.g. &:hover { @include animate-button-background(); color:$button_hover_text_color; }

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