Google Font Family

Choose from hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web. Google Fonts is a service Google offers free of charge that allows web designers to use a wide variety of openly licensed fonts on their web pages. Prior to font services like Google Web Fonts, web designers were limited to using a small selection of 'web safe' fonts that were very likely to be installed on any computer. Now we can use Google fonts that may not be installed on a user's computer (because they are downloaded from Google). Microthemer makes use of Google's Web Fonts API to make adding Google Fonts really easy. Just select 'Google Fonts...' from the font-family menu, and then click the 'Use This Font' link next to the name of the font. For efficiency, Microthemer only loads the Google Fonts you've specified in your Microthemer workspace settings. This automation makes experimenting with different Google fonts hassle free.

Value Description
font nameThe name of the font e.g. 'Oswald'. Note Microthemer includes the variation e.g. (normal) or (italic 700) in brackets so that Microthemer can download the correct font file (and only that font file) from Google.

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